The Facilities
Automatic step-repeat Machine

.High precision exposure in printing plate
.Excellent revealing character of printing
.Exposure conditions highly stable
.Super cleanness in printing surface

ServoDrive Coater

.Adopt servo motor in lieu of conventional
gear driven operation, no gear line
marks will appear on printed surfaces
.Fully automated size set up resulting
much higher accruacy in position
measurement than conventional handling
by hands
.Due to no gaps in moving gears, ink film
is more evenly spreaded and conventional
operating system

4-colour Printing + In-line Varnishing

.Four colours printing is compatible with human visual
sensation, it's easy to determine the colours for correctness.
.Single alignment of printing will leave no double images as
often seen in conventional 2-colour printing.
.Reduce the number of baking, ink will not discolouring
yellowing, makes printed colour more stable.
.Reduce the number of baking will less change the tin plate's
hardness, minimizing the problems at can making and to
stabilize empty can's quality.
.Four colours printing with varnish in 1pass,will  minimize scratching and will insure
the coating quality.

Coil Cutting 

.Straight or scrolled can be ordered according to customer's reqirement
.Computer servo positioning, all cutting sizes are accurate.
.Sheared sheet will be flattened and highth evened.

Coil Coating Line





Quality Control

1. Gretag Ink Formulation
2. Conductivity Testing
3. Sterilization Testing
4. Seaming Testing