About Us!

Chen Lain Metals Co., Ltd.

The company was established for metal decorating in 1971, it operated with one Single-color printing machine and one coating machine in the early years. In 1980, the company was the first at the time, to use high speed 2-color printing machine, and at the same time, introduced from abroad, the most advance 'WET ON WET' technology. This method is to apply a over print varnish after the dual color print in one process, and to increase the production efficiency by 30%. In 1997, the company replaced the conventional metal decorating line with computerized four colors with in-line varnish coater - 'KBA METALSTAR' metal decorating printing machine from Germany. It was a revolutionally technical break through in metal decorating industry, and is still the sole company in multi-color printing technique in the nation to date.

Looking forward into future development, the company built and completed moving to a modernized new factory in "Chang-Bin Industrial Park" (current address) in year 2006, and at the same time, added a fully automated metal coil cutting machine to meet the ever increasing demand of aluminum and tinplate coil cutting requirements. The company under the principle of "improve and progress", is constantly seeking new technology and renew production equipments.

Currently, the company euipped with the following advanced machineries:
1 High speed serve drive coating machine
1 KBA Metalstar 4 color with in-line varnish coater printing machine
1 High density precision computerized automatic step repeat machine
1 Fully automated coil cutting machine
1 High quality printing-proof machine
Numerous quality control precision instruments (Electronic Film Weight Guage, Color Density Control Device, Coating Adhesion Tester, Conductivity Tester, Hardness Tester, Coating Extension Tester... ets.)